Kingdom's Fall

Blenheim's Diary - 6

A chance at knighthood!

After the exploits of the last few days we all decided to rest and not engage in life threatening work. I enjoyed a novel leave of absence (even got out of my uniform for a few days) whilst the others began their research into the Basiliscus’ Maximus. I really did try to get interested in their work but there’s a reason scholarly pursuits don’t appeal to me. There wasn’t much I could do to help aside from keep an eye on the beast in case if broke out of containment or attacked researchers. I think they made a lot of progress though and it is good to see everyone pleased with their work.

After officially entering my short leave of absence Caelena practically dragged me to a rather high end bar for us all to toast another successful mission and apparently, to get to know me better outside of work. It was a novel experience, not many really bother trying to know me and I was touched by the effort. Admittedly I focus so much on my work that I don’t leave much to learn. However, while we were out we met someone new. Rotta Falkranath, son of Vulmon. Initially I was very wary of this man, given my suspicions about his father. After a brief chat, he revealed himself to be the amiable if withdrawn sort. As it turns out he and I have something in common. We both want to become knights. Well, I mean who wouldn’t!? To be a shining beacon of hope, loyalty and protection for all in the realm should be something admired by all. So, we talked about how great knights are for a while and he told me about a jousting tournament scheduled to happen in three weeks. You need the sponsorship of a noble family and a “heroic” deed. Rotta seemed to be as confused as I was about exactly counts but there is an official process and everything. The rest of the evening was rather enjoyable although my intention to drink myself into unconsciousness and guarantee I rest didn’t work. Apparently my alcohol tolerance is higher than I thought.

The others continued their research and I commissioned a new cold iron sword for Cosmo as an apology for my gross lapses such as attempting to strip him in The Silken Lounge, forgetting his favourite colour and being so weak that he had to finish the hag himself. I ensured it was the highest quality possible and even managed to get a drake engraved on the blade. It was when I was in the blacksmith collecting the blade and placing an order for a breastplate (after all, can’t go jousting in a heavy coat) I saw Rotta again. He was in picking up a lance and we go to talking again. Seeing that I was here to buy some armour (with fingerless gauntlets for my more… unorthodox fighting style) he was kind enough to offer me some of his spare armour, all I’d have to do is cover the resizing. I could scarcely turn down the offer and thanked him for his generosity. He even extended an offer to train with him on his estate, another offer I couldn’t refuse. Especially given I have done almost no mounted combat. Were this a passage of arms or a melee I would be confident but jousting does not play to my strengths. So, I made arrangements to meet him later that day, after delivering the sword.

The estate was much grander than the Drake’s but I daresay the character of its lord leaves much to be desired. Guard presence seemed higher than I’d expect. I was expected so I was let in easy enough and found Rotta in his own personal jousting list. I had a great time and learned the basics of mounted combat, although I think I may have hit him too hard during our melee spar. I swear sometimes I don’t know my own strength. Then before I knew it, training was over and were in his bedroom and he was removing his armour. How do I keep getting in these situations? There was no need for concern as I am a stalwart professional, I turned my back and daren’t turn around. No urge to peek whatsoever. Nope, not me. Never have, never will.

It wasn’t long after Cosmo received a letter from his grandfather. He was more than happy to sponsor me for the tournament but apparently needed our help with something. So, we set off for the family estate to talk with him. He’s as enthusiastic and charming as ever. It was good to see the family again, even if I didn’t have time to check in on most of them. Anyway, Baronet Drake asked for our assistance in the Dwarven realm. Apparently a mining operation has hit some rather vague problems. Should we help, it could be put forward as a heroic deed. No more needed said and we are making plans to head there now. Of course, I couldn’t just go get a heroic deed without Rotta, that would be incredibly rude! Unfortunately, we had to meet with his father. He’d only allow Rotta to accompany us if he had a personal bodyguard with him. Cosmo does not seem pleased about this and I am not either but I’m more focused on Rotta’s reaction to his father. He’s terrified of him, to the point where he physically flinches at his gestures. I may not be terribly smart or perceptive but I know what that means and it was difficult to hold back my fury. I don’t know how or when but I will bring that bastard to justice.

Until then, to adventure.


Nat1 Sabda

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