King Aldermus Tasfortt Elzermad Rezenskith V

Looking good for 93


Standing at 6 ft 7 this man towers over most, his armour and size gifting him a awe inspiring visage. His most notable feature however is his bright violet eyes, a symbol of his heritage.


Rezenskith, fifth of his name, 76th of the lineage, a proud and wise King whose strength has somehow never faltered, despite being 93 years of age.

After the death of his niece and nephew’s at the hands of traitorous nobles, followed by the death of his siblings in the subsequent revolution, he took the crown 71 years ago, and has subsequently led the Kingdom through perhaps one of its darkest times. Quieter than the Monarchs that have preceded him, King Rezenskith has spent most of his rule in the confines of the palace and has refused to sire an heir or marry, despite being the last remaining Monarch alive.

King Aldermus Tasfortt Elzermad Rezenskith V

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