Cosmo Drake

Deo, PatriƓ, Regi! For God, my Country, and my King!


Cosmo Drake is a member of a noble family that used to be trusted with military power and authority. This fall from grace is a source of great shame amongst his family who do everything and anything they can to make up for this. He tends to wear a dress uniform in pristine condition. In fact just about everything of his appearance is in perfect condition, and given his carefree and frankly childish demeanour it’s obviously not his doing.


The Drakes were once a proud noble family. With the title of Duke they were one of the few family’s trusted with military power. This was to come to an end when faced with a revolt they withdrew their troops to conserve their power.This was a grave mistake. After all was said and done the Drakes were stripped of their Dukedom and left with a Baronetage.

Its members are given lives of luxury but very few actually take such a life. Most join the military and are trained so that they may serve as necessary while those that are gifted in such a way study in the academy. The more pious also frequently join the clergy and paladin orders. They do this to make up for the failings of their ancestors and prove their worth, in the hope they will eventually be redeemed.

Whether man or woman they never change their name upon marriage to maintain their ties to the house. This has led to a large sprawling family each of which still serve the head of the household and therefore the king. The methods vary but they stick true to their ideals that all shall serve the King, however they can. To this end only the best can lead. So, when it comes to succession it is not hereditary. Rather they choose the best person for the job, although it tends to be whoever the current Baronet favours. Although it doesn’t skip generations.

Cosmo is the fifth child of the seventh child of the current Baronetage of Carneath. Few of his family thought he would be capable of much. Neither the strongest nor the brightest, try as he might he just couldn’t compete. The students at the military academies were just faster and stronger while those of the arcane equivalents outpaced his academic skills. He never begrudged them their talent but lamented his own inabilities.

Inevitably once others learned of his family and their history he was scorned, especially by the more devout and pious. Bullied relentlessly for his academic failings and his inability to keep up in military training. He resigned himself to this fate. With a past to be ashamed of and a future without hope.

But deciding to accept such a nihilistic outlook in the long term does little in the short term. He was panicking in the estates study over another mediocre grade. Not bad but an utter failure by the family’s standards. It was then that his grandfather shuffled along to see what the problem was. Breaking down he told his grandfather his fears of being a failure. He just wasn’t good at anything no matter how hard he tried.

Looking him over his granddad, the Baronet, simply told him that everyone has their time to shine. But some can’t shine alone. Taken away from the study to his grandfather’s private study. People were only ever brought here to be rewarded, the family didn’t really do punishments. More just ostracising. But today he was told that he had to look after someone and if he did a good enough job they would look after him. It was a big responsibility.

The boy was about his age with ragged long hair. Initially Cosmo thought he might be an elf with pointed ears, but when he got closer the boy shied away and he could see more of his face. He was for lack of a better word furry. His ears were pointed and seemed more wolf-like than elven upon inspection. Under the scrutiny, the boy squirmed more in his seat. Before apologising and looking away he couldn’t help but notice the tail that swished under him. Cosmo managed to stop himself from petting it in possibly the greatest show of willpower in his life to that point.

His grandfather noticed this and told him he had to keep it a secret, others would hurt the boy because of what he was. That just didn’t seem right to Cosmo. Why would anybody do that? But if his grandfather said it, it must be true.

From that day, Cosmo and the boy, whose name was Blenheim, became inseparable. Blenheim while having the family’s support was simply given a job and a safe place to live, this job being a valet to Cosmo. Cosmo on the other hand redoubled his efforts in school. While his academic knowledge was still not as good as he’d have liked, he was getting better in drama, mainly at making speeches. With his only other subject being politics it seemed he was destined for a life as a politician.

That was until while studying arcana he made the usual incantations expecting it as always to come to nothing. No matter how many times he read them or practised the actions, they never worked. But today something felt right. A bolt of magic burst out of his hands and slammed into the target. He was elated to have succeeded. Finally.

Over time it became clear that he was not a wizard but a sorcerer. Not only that but an Imperious Sorcerer. A scion of forgotten kings, with a lineage rich with the dust of ancient empires spanning every golden age of humanity’s history, an imperious embodies the apex of human potential, as well as human temerity and uninhibited hubris. His grandfather was right. He was going to have his time to shine.

He may not have been as gifted in the arcane as he had hoped but he was not completely devoid of intellect. As his bloodline became more powerful he improved in his studies. His information retention became vastly more potent and when studying history, events with a particular focus on humans whether it be as a population or a historical figure he had an affinity for. His examination results finally picked up. Admittedly only in politics and history but it was still improvement!

His oratory skills only improved but on a one on one basis he became more persuasive. He began to create something of a following amongst other students. He was a pupil that would only help others, if he saw a bully he’d stand up to them but not fight them, admittedly this would only be rebuked as he was one of the most bullied students in the school. Although his bullies would frequently be sent either to the ward or back home after what were clearly unrelated beatings.

Those he did step in for and protect though were left with admiration for him which didn’t seem entirely… normal. His charismatic demeanour slowly created something of a following around him, mostly made up of other members of the disgraced aristocracy. Using what minor influence he had he would try to sway people to have the same devotion to the King as he did. He would reason that their lowering in status should not be met with hatred but rather a dedication to earn again what they lost.

Whilst going through school all advisors tried to convince Cosmo to take up an active role in politics. He had a presence that simply compelled people to either take his side or quieten their opinions in the face of opposition. Such a force used in support of the King and his associates was much needed in times when the lack of an heir spread fear of the unknown future.

No matter how many superiors, advisors or peers told him he had a promising future in politics he would always say otherwise. He had no doubts that until asked by either his family or on the Kings authority he wouldn’t enter such a career. He believed completely that he should take his place on the battlefield, inspiring those around him with rousing speeches promising glorious victories or using his abilities in the arcane to sweep away the Kings enemies.

He finished his studies in the academy and graduated. Admittedly it was only because of Blenheim he didn’t look like he’d be dragged through a hedge on the day. Having shown his potential as an Imperious Sorcerer and his capacity as a public speaker he was one of the top contenders to become Baronet in a generation. But that would simply not do. He intended to have his family rise from the ashes and take their rightful place as Dukes. But this was not to serve him. He would do this to better serve. As the family motto says, “For God, my Country, and my King!”

Cosmo Drake

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