Blossom Farrech

Head of farreach Inc.


Well if you can imagine an extremely bored gnome who has begrudgingly taken over a family business that primarily involves bureaucracy yeah that’s pretty much what she looks like.


Farreach is a network of caravans that provide ways of moving, travel and trade to anyone willing to pay. It is not only the best and easiest way for someone to move heavy loads over great distances but it also provides quick travel across the Kingdom. With ties to many trading and mining cities that is vital to the Kingdom as a whole the Farrech family is one of the earliest noble families.

However this also comes with responsibility, as someone within the next generation of the Farrech family must continue the family business, even if it means giving in to your good-for-nothing younger brothers who couldn’t keep a job if it was nailed to their face.

While rarely seen herself, what with her work and her hobbies (though some would say obsessions) taking up all her time, Blossom’s role is important within the Kingdom as she is at the heart of all trade and resource management across Osnea.

Blossom Farrech

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