Baron Richmond Tristrand

Honour above all.


This veteran is covered in scars and stands on a dwarven-forged leg, crafted after he lost his own.


The current head of the Tristrand family, Richmond is one of the few trusted to lead a share of the Kingdom’s army, leading people primarily from the Desert Shattarack, the Dwarven mountains and the Narrow fields that connect them.

The Tristrand family is a traditional noble family that believe in honour above all else, thus each member of the family must know battle before they lead anyone, thus they learn to understand the warriors life and duty. Usually this means fighting Gnolls or pirates for the Church or Kingdom.

This also means that many of this family have travelled far over Osnea in order to demonstrate their worth and conviction, the tales of each member makes them one of the most well known noble families.

Baron Richmond Tristrand

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