Kingdom's Fall

Cosmo's Journal - 5

Scholars and Knights

The last few days were quite peaceful. I think between Ratcliffe disappearing and Brandt taking yet another nap. Really should get him checked by a doctor or something. But we were graced with Raph's presence once again, apparently she learnt giant whilst we were away. So with the research team reassembled we got to work. Progress is slow as the Basilicus Maximus is as uncooperative as ever. Our communication with it got as far as it wants us to stop talking to it and free it. I doubt it will particularly appreciate the vivisection we have planned.

While usually this would have been of great interest to me it pales in comparison to a massive development. Blenheim made a friend! Everyone seemed to expect seething jealousy on my part but after getting over my suspicions, I realised that I was only concerned about Blenheim's new friends father. In my defense his friend is Rotta Falkranath, son of Vumon. He's the bastard that caused the political enviroment to turn against werefolk, just because his wife was killed by one. He now supplies and I imagine funds the training of these homicidal sociopaths.

But a man cannot be judged for the crimes of his father… well unless your father was a traitor. There's no easy way of avoiding that punishment… Anyway Rotta is a nice guy and he and Blenheim are incredibly excited by the prospect of the jousting tournament that can result in a knighthood. Blenheim might become a knight. Even before me! I've never seen him so giddy, it was adorable to see him show such emotion and childish glee. Upon reflection I don't think I've ever seen it. I guess back then it was hard to have such innocent pleasures… This keeps becoming dark, I swear it's been a positive few days.

At any rate I immediately wrote off to my grandfather to have Blenheim nominated for the jousting competition. I was told to get to the estate quickly and meet with him, there was work for me. We set off the next day. It was nice to see the family again, the house was fit to bursting. I found out that my aunt is in line to become the next Baronet, she really deserves it, magi are rare and one of her skill rarer still. Apparently she trained Ratcliffe, this did surprise me as she didn't seem to have relished the experience to train one as gifted, technically.

Now we set off to the Dwarven realms, apparently they dug too deep. And with us is quite the ensemble. Celeana has with her two probation officers thanks to my Grandfather guaranteeing they would come with us (so we could go on the mission to get Blenheim his Great Deed). Rotta is also joinng us, although at his fathers insistence a damned hunter is joining us. An accident may occur that is obviously outside of our control. Heaven forbid.


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