Kingdom's Fall

Cosmo's Journal - 4

Demons and Hags

One struggles to not question his betters after these last few days and encounters. For one there was the demonic brothel in the middle of a city which was in a district bordering two church districts. This has gone unnoticed despite there being missing persons reports and the fact that this place is frequented by the aristocracy. Surely this should have been looked into… why wasn't it?

But I'm getting very far ahead of myself. Firstly we had to fight off our attacker who had an eye in his hand. His first move was to bewitch Blenheim. This was a good plan as I now found myself beneath a very large barbarian with no means of defending myself as he screamed at me for being a "ponce". It stung. A lot. I realise he wasn't himself anymore but maybe there's a little bit of him in there that thinks like that. Maybe I am a stupid ponce. I just want to look my best and not be a disappointment… I should maybe stop focusing on my looks and focus on doing a good job. 

Anyway we were clearly outmatched but backup arrived in the form of Fathers Alan and Brandt. Alan as it turns out is terrifying when he wants to be as the creature before us was engulfed in blazing holy light and Brandt spotted and stoped the hand as it tried to crawl away from the abominations scorched corpse.

It was then that I met and bless her, got overly emotional and angry with Sir Ariana. Apparently this group does not cope well with stress. I screamed at her for having not already sent paladins to this place and purged and commented that it was incredibly suspicious that this hadn't been seen to before. Under the floorboards she found something and it later found out (because at the time we were told to leave immediately) it was a heavily pregnant woman who was with demon child. It was my suggestion of a well placed teleportation spell that saved the day, as Eljinor was only to excited and pleased to try.

But before the rescuing of the child we had one other thing to deal with, poachers. Well idiots more like. We had word that several unexperienced poachers were going to attempt murder on an innocent lycanthrope. This could not be allowed to transpire. We set off at once. Well once we had a carriage. But we set off with as much haste as could have been expected.

We reached a small idylic cottage in the woods. As Blenheim approached the cottage something in the bushes attracted his attention and we all came over to find the hunters lying in "ambush". They were all teenagers which came as a surprise, then Blenheim and I looked at each other and remembered we were still in our teens as well. Brandt also made this deduction and started yelling that he was surrounded by jumped up toddlers. He really doesn't do himself any favours, there's a reason we think he's so old. 

We proceeded to berate the teens that wanted to kill the "monster" that was in the hut. But something of our commitment to get rid of them must have tipped them off that we weren't here to kill the locals. They rounded on us and attacked. This was a mistake. Blenheim pummeled the leader and I found it very cathartic to just go around the ones hiding in bushes and also pummel them but with a magic fist I discovered I could conjure. I can see why Blenheim likes it. Although I don't think any of us expected what happened next. Their leader pulled a bomb and blew himself up in an effort to kill Blenheim. 

After securing the fanatics in ropes we went to talk to the inhabitant who was a sweet old lady. That wanted to eat the children… yeah I didn't see it coming either. During the fight Celaena and I were blinded but still useful as I sceamed vulgarities at the hag and through magic at her. Apparently I hit with only all of it being down to Celaena's quick thinking and an air elemental. Then once we were able to see again there were two Blenheim's, but the fake made a fateful error and cried out for my help. Stupid witch, Blenheim would never ask for my aid. Afterall he should just expect it. So we beat the crap out of her, although she took quite a bit out of Blenheim. I don't think he was expecting two fights in succession like that. She tried to just turn herself into a tree to survive. So I set fire to the tree and made myself a little pyre. Don't mess with my charge.

After the hag incident we interrogated the "hunters" although Blenheim and I took a backseat for that as he had a drink and I tried to tend to some of his wounds. To be honest I mainly just did his hair and tried to make him look respectful. Bharnarol I'm useless. Celaena took charge of the interrogation and was making quite a bit of progress she worked out the leader and decided to despatch him but shoving a bomb under his arse. I've heard of lighting a fire under someone but this was amazing. I agree with Brandt it was the wrong thing to do but I was pretty ok with it all things considered.

We made our way back to the capital and handed over the atempted murderers and warned of the hag. Pretty productive few days if I do say so myself.


Nat1 Christian1771

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