Kingdom's Fall

Cosmo's Journal - 3

They weren't all that anyway

This was truly a momentous few days. After we all finally got back from that damnable swamp we were free to do as we wanted at at this point over two and a half grand in the black. We were unable to begin research on the Basiliscus' Maximus yet as it was still unconscious and most importantly we had to get it released into our custody. Academics are nothing if not fickle and proud. They all want to research the new creature despite us having the most experience. Thankfully after going shopping for "ladies things" Celaena managed to calm down enough to work with me on the presentation to get the research grant. I reckon it must've been the father that set her off, although if she's that prone to anger maybe she isn't suited to working with animals. Or people. My god she was let in a school… Anyway I'm getting ahead of myself that all isn't even what happened first.

Firstly we went shopping, because why would you do anything else. Celaena refused to come because she needed to go on her own. I fear Blenheim might have taken it as a personal slight that he couldn't be trusted. The good Father Brandt went for his nap and as of yet has not arisen. Is that normal for his age? He seems to think we all think he's too old but I fear he's proving his own fallacy correct. Ratcliffe went off to gather skulls I can only assume.

But while my cohorts were not taken with the idea of shopping Blenheim thankfully remembered that Viscountess Saria Valmus was quite taken with the idea of shopping with us. So after quite the shopping spree Blenheim and I convinced her to but some dresses and let Blenheim give her a haircut. Quite the transformation. It was good to see her smile genuinely, especially when she said Eljinor was her only friend.

On our second day we began our research, after giving a presentation I promptly guaranteed that we got all accesses to the Basiliscus' Maximus and a large grant. Although we were told we couldn't spend it frivolously. So I had Blenheim make arrangements for a celebratory dinner and some… entertainment.

The dinner was lovely with exceptional company. Celaena was clearly in high spirits since we'd managed to get the grant and Saria seemed to be pleased. Ratcliffe was his usual self but Blenheim was tolerating him mich better, Ratcliffe must have done something to hethim on side. When it came to the latter of the evening Saria left as it was not to her tastes. Blenheim and I tried to get away to a bar of ill repute for some dances. Celaena had told me of it earlier that day.

But I digress we attempted to break away from the other two but Ratcliffe was adament that he was joining us and he would be hired at this club. I shudder to imagine. Oh God… I'm imagining it… I've died a bit.

Anyway we arrived and were beset by scantily clad men. I thought this would be right up my alley but, it just didn't do anything for me. The others were utterly enthralled but, nope nothing. I was more interested in the other customers. Other noble's children spending their families wealth. Nothing new learnt, nothing gained. This damn place seemed downright dingy to me. The Silken Lounge left a lot to be desired. Not that I was going to just let that ruin the evening, all that was left was to pick out my man.

Wait, why am I getting dragged off? Oh God Ratcliffe what have you done now? What are the costs of the damages? What are these runes? Why's there an eye there? Halp!


Nat1 Christian1771

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