Kingdom's Fall

Cosmo's Journal - 2

Swamp Trek

As much as I appreciate the Royal Advisor getting us to the village with such speed, I think Blenheim and I are both in agreement that we would have rather had time to prepare ourselves for a journey into the swamp which has claimed the lives of so many adventurers. But instead we were dumped in this backwater village with only the clothes on our backs and all the necessities in Blenheim’s backpack. I know that sounds like a lot but the poor bastard didn’t even have his sword. Oh, to be a mage with that kind of power without having to fear for anything. Although he would appear to have forgotten what being a “normal” person is like. Just disappearing and reappearing wherever he need, not needing to worry for equipment or supplies.

But I digress after the kind if not well thought out help we received from <u>Eljinor</u>, we set off into the swamp. Well at least we were going to but we had to kill some cockatrice’s first. Turns out they’re pretty stupid and we dispatched them with relative ease. It was here that I noticed the dedication <u>Celaena</u> has for her research as she held them down and stuffed them into bags to study later. A shame the damn things accidentally killed themselves.

With the little critters dealt with we started our trek through the swamp. As much as I love my attire I fear it was not prepared for the abuse of a swamp or the giant leeches that dwelled within. Having attempted to rescue Raph I was beset upon by these revolting abominations which drained me of my strength but more importantly my blood. I only have so much of that.

Raph ran into the trees and thankfully came back with some direction for us to follow, she had found large footprints of a beast none of us could work out. It sounded publishable. So, with Brandt healing us and whining every step of the way we continued. Here we found the source of the cockatrice infestation. Their eggs were everywhere, but thanks to the others knowledge of nature they could tell these were unfertilised. The big one in the middle on the other hand was very much fertilised. And protected as it turned out.

Celaena decided she wanted to research t and picked it up exclaiming, “I’m your mummy now!” As it happened the real mummy was not best please by this as the massive beast revealed itself. I began trying to scan it’s features and commit them to memory. After all it would be rare to study such a creature as it is fighting to defend its children. Deciding how to name it I settled on Basiliscus’ Maximus, thought it was fitting because it was rather maximus.

So, with great difficulty and much yelling from Blenheim that the damn thing wouldn’t fight him so he had to keep running to it we managed to defeat it. It was only at this point though that we noticed the good father. He had been turned mostly to stone and was not pleased about it. He lashed out and screamed at Celaena that she was useless. Blenheim and I both glanced at each other both taken aback by the angered response. Trying to change the topic away from the yelling of an old man I told Celeana that I had been trying to keep in mind everything about the creature and had now committed them to writing. This appeared to be a mistake as she now screeched at me that she could write too and study this creature just as well if not better than me.

There seemed to be no diffusing this situation as everyone (Celeana and Brandt) was at the end of their patience. I can’t remember whose idea it was but someone said we should use the card to get backup to retrieve the creature. At this point, Brandt snatched it from my hand and began screaming at it, I guess he forgot who he was screaming at. At this point Eljinor, <u>Sir Williame Athinus</u> and <u>Viscountess Saria Valmus</u> arrived to help. I politely inquired if it would be heretical or apostasy to write about this discovery and was given the green light. While I was looking the other way Sir Williame gauged out the poor things eyes.

I think that’s my one regret about this mission, that I failed to stop that. After all this poor creature was literally just trying to protect its child, who can blame it. If anything, that shows it has some good in it. I think it was intelligent too, we could have got it to understand. But, I imagine a creature that wakes up blind will be little more than anger, confusion and fear made manifest once it recovers.


Nat1 Christian1771

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