Kingdom's Fall

Blenheim's Diary - 2

Books and Minotaurs

The last few days have been a mixed batch. On a positive note, we rescued a Sky Knight! Taenarus I believe their name is. We found them at the center of the spider nest, surrounded by dead spiders. The venom did a real number on them though. From what I understand they are recovering well. With their help, we also found and secured the hippogriff, which served as their mount. When we returned it was decided that we should rest for a while before we set out to hunt whatever shot down Taenarus. Just as well, I was still feeling rather under the weather because of that venom. Raphaella and Cosmo worked on understanding the Gnoll language. I did my best to make sure they were well fed and refreshed during their studies but beyond that there wasn’t much I could do to help. Although there was that deer I fetched for them, it felt good to be myself outside for a change.

Anyway, it was obvious on reflection that the calf disappearance was different from the other incidents so we investigated. The clues we found led us to a cave which had two unfortunate souls impaled on sticks outside to act as a brutal warning. Such evil. Inside the cave we found strange symbols drawn in blood. I don’t know much about such things but it was pretty obvious something was very wrong with them. It wasn’t long before we found the instrument used in downing the Sky Knight. A very large crossbow capable of firing two bolts at once. Ratcliffe was rather taken with the weapon, but his struggles to lift it alerted the beast that was its owner. A minotaur. I’m not terribly afraid of beasts larger than I but soon it didn’t even have size as an advantage as Celaena cast some spell on me that evened the odds. I was going to enjoy this. That is, until Ratcliffe too was similarly large and blocked the path to the beast. This I had no qualms with, so long as the beast was slain and as much as it pains me to say it Ratcliffe knows how to fight. Then he jumped out of the way when it charged, leaving it to gore Cosmo. It is only through Cosmo’s great kindness and charity that the minotaur lived and that Ratcliffe retains the use of his limbs. The bastard even laid hands of Celaena after she stopped him from murdering the beast. What scum, abusing his strength to hurt the weak.  It is the role of the strong to protect the weak, something Ratcliffe would do well to learn.

Anyway, we returned to the capital, specimens in tow. Whilst there the scholars amongst us finished learning the Gnoll language and had finished a book on the topic. However, as seems to be theme with this week, the good was immediately followed by the bad as the High Priest of Bharnarol and even Elijnor ordered us to destroy the book. Apparently Gnolls speak a modified version of Abyssal, which is bad. On the other hand, Elijnor has a job for us. There’s a cockatrice problem in a village to the south we need to deal with. Cosmo seems upbeat about the job, thinking we might get an article out of this. I personally just hope he can stay out of trouble this time.

Also, I wish Elijnor would realise not everyone can store everything in some weird place they can access at any time. Being moved around like this is disorientating, not to mention my horse is still in the stable. At least he was nice enough to get the shopping I needed though, even if I do have to carry all this myself…


Nat1 Sabda

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